WellToDesk will be at the 2017 SPWLA Symposium in Oklahoma. We will be at booth 17, next to the Posters and a coffee stand. Come and get a demo to find out how WellToDesk can help you with your business and data storage. Find out what we can do with your physical old data tapes - you may be surprised. There are some odd legacy formats out there, so we don't just make an image of the tape, we will convert it into a DLIS file, delivered through our cloud based service. We will have our scanner with us so we can scan field prints for later digitization if this is something you are interested in. Talk to us and our preferred partners about any aspect of well log interpretation. Our immediate specialization is image logs and geomechanics, but our reach goes far further with the ability to offer truly integrated solutions. Do you have any old Analog CBIL data (field print or data tape)? We cut our teeth on analog CBIL data over 25 years ago. We know a lot of the early processing could be improved upon and some of the QC checks actually lead to incorrectly oriented images! Do not write off this valuable old data source, but talk to us about it. Old CBIL data will sometimes come in one of the odd legacy formats mentioned above, and this is the best place to start!